What I’m Thankful for #5: The Sacrifices of Our Nation’s Many Heroes

This is one in a series of daily posts I conceived of writing many weeks ago while the election still raged on, as I looked for something to write about of more lasting value. The weeks leading up to Thanksgiving seemed perfectly appropriate for it. Just in case you wondered, the topics introduced are not necessarily in any particular order. I hope the series is of some small encouragement to you, even as my site traffic takes a dive.

This was the logical choice for a deep expression of gratitude on Veterans’ Day. It’s a good time to recognize the millions who have worn the uniform, who have served in peacetime or war to defend our nation. God has given us liberty, but it is the brave members of our military who have fought to preserve it.

The brave patriots at Valley Forge and Saratoga. The volunteers at the Battle of New Orleans and the Alamo. The men in Blue and Gray on the fields of Bull Run, Shiloh, and Gettysburg. The young Doughboys and G.I.’s who helped to liberate Europe not once but twice. The Marines at Belleau Wood, Iwo Jima, and the Chosun Reservoir. Those who saw the worst at the Ia Drang Valley and withstood the Tet Offensive. The liberators of Iraq and Afghanistan. And many, many, many more.

Today I pause in thanks for all those who have served in our military – including any readers whom that may include – and especially for those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the service of our nation, and for their families, too. May we never forget. May we not take what they did for granted.


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