Well-Heeled Union Lobbyists Flout Law to Oppose Ethical Standards

The Rocky Mountain News reports on a complaint filed yesterday by Amendment 49 supporters:

Backers of Amendment 49, which would prohibit union dues from being deducted from public payrolls, have filed a complaint with the Colorado secretary of state alleging that an opposing group failed to disclose its intention to campaign against them.

Instead, Coloradans For Middle Class Relief states in its registration with the secretary of state that it would campaign against Amendment 47, according to the complaint by Jon Caldara, president of the Independence Institute and author of Amendment 49. But Caldara said Coloradans For Middle Class Relief has sent out fliers on other ballot measures as well, including Amendments 49 and 54.

The Denver Post has a similar story. Both merit a “no comment” from the group caught in violation of campaign finance laws.

Pictures of the Coloradans for Middle Class Relief flyers that illegally attack 49 and 54 can be seen here and here (back and front). In fact, you probably received one or both at your home.

The union lobbyist-funded committees have more money than they know what to do with. Between Protect Colorado’s Future and Coloradans for Middle Class Relief, more than $20 million has been raised to attack Amendment 49 (Ethical Standards) and two other initiatives.

With that kind of money, it’s quite easy for union lobbyists to flout the law and ask forgiveness later. They can’t afford to have Amendment 49 pass, which would mean giving up their free government collection service and put them on a level playing field with every other special interest group. Political power indeed corrupts.

In this case, the flagrant breaking of campaign laws simply points out the need for Ethical Standards. But by the time the truth can have a fair hearing, it may be too late.

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