Wayne Allard Honored, Tom Tancredo Gives Red Meat to GOP Faithful

From the GOP Convention in Broomfield…

After Dick Wadhams’ opening remarks, the unity theme kicked off with a video tribute to retiring U.S. Senator Wayne Allard, followed by words from Allard’s wife Joan and Senator Allard himself.

If the crowd was slowly coming to life before, retiring Rep. Tom Tancredo’s soundbite speech – which strikes themes of energy independence, secure borders (the mere mention of “Cory Voorhis” electrifies the crowd), and American greatness, with several quips about Barack Obama thrown in for good measure – gets the energy rising.

On a down note, turnout at the GOP Convention is not exactly stellar (but a quorum has been achieved). More to come, as I need to get my alternate credentials updated to voting delegate.

Keep checking in with Slapstick Politics for updates, including video.

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