Turn Off the TV on Bill Ritter

Over at the Colorado Index, one of my new favorite bloggers Civil Sense clues readers in to a new taxpayer-funded television ad, starring our hapless Gov. Bill Ritter:

The ads range from 10 to 30 seconds, and they send a simple message: Turn down the thermostat, unplug unused appliances, turn off lights and use alternative transportation.

Good advice. I think I’ll be turning off the television whenever this commercial comes on my set.


  1. gary says

    Kind of reminds me of Carter’s “malaise” policies. I’ll never forget him blaming housewives for causing inflation by not comparing prices carefully enough, or him making a speech from the Oval Office wearing a sweater because he had turned down the thermostat. Blaming everyone but government for the problems. Reagan was a breath of fresh air when he convinced Americans that their best days were ahead, not behind. We need another Reagan.

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