Top 10 Ways Colorado Democrats Have Already Spent Your Stimulus Check

Live in Colorado and getting ready for your federal rebate stimulus check to arrive? Don’t get too excited yet.

Republican leaders in the state legislature have taken a Letterman-esque stab at letting you know what the Democrat majority has already done with your money:

10. Higher auto premiums

9. Higher energy premiums

8. $25 marriage tax

7. Higher fees on everything from birth certificates to tire recycling

6. College tuition hikes for everyone!

5. Up to a $100 dollar car tax

4. Gov. Bill Ritter to an aide: “Recession? Hey, let’s go out and hire another 1,300 state employees!”

3. “…and let’s make sure they all have collective-bargaining rights, too!”

2. Gov. Bill Ritter’s legal bill for defending his unconstitutional property-tax hike

1. Gov. Bill Ritter’s unconstitutional property-tax hike

Raising taxes and fees … It’s the modus operandi for Democrats in Colorado and elsewhere.

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