Ted Trimpa: Extortion Negotiator, Gill Adviser, “Educate the Idiots” Insider

Denver attorney Ted Trimpa is being touted as the great mediator, the great savior, in negotiating a compromise between business and labor to remove four anti-business initiatives from the ballot.

Who’s doing the touting? Why, the liberal Dead Governors blog, of course:

For those of you who don’t know about Hogan and Hartson’s Ted Trimpa, well, you should. He’s the one who brought this pact, the most unlikely partnership since Referendum C, together, helping reinforce his growing waterwalker mystique. It’s also true that labor wasn’t really looking forward to taking the blame for the potentially serious unintended consequences of a couple of these proposals. The infusion of cash to fight the anti-labor initiatives will help, as will the new and respected business community spokespeople getting out the message–that while the idea of Amendment 47 (and 49 and 54) “sounds good,” the details are devilish.

Well, after all, the Denver Post reports:

Cole Finegan, a managing partner at Hogan & Hartson, said some “outside” union money helped close the deal.

“Ted Trimpa got the deal done,” Finegan said.

But what do the ColoradoPols and Denver Post not tell us about Ted Trimpa that might be important? Interestingly, Trimpa is one of the leading members of the Colorado Democracy Alliance (CoDA) “Strategy Group & 527 Coordinating Operatives” (PDF) (his name is somewhere between Rutt Bridges and Andrew Romanoff). Trimpa also has worked as liberal billionaire Tim Gill’s political adviser, and is clearly intimately connected with the inner workings of CoDA.

So in whose interest did Trimpa help negotiate this deal? The state of Colorado? Hardly. Rather, it appears he is working on behalf of the “progressive” Colorado Democracy Alliance, which is committed to “increasing CO union power” and to “Educate the [racial minority] Idiots”. This time, the Left is trying to “Educate the Idiots” with lies about Amendment 47, 49, and 54. Trimpa’s deal scored $3 million in cash to relieve Big Labor of some of the burden to attack these amendments.

The four economy-busting union ballot initiatives (53, 55, 56, and 57) that Ted Trimpa and his labor leader friends negotiated off the ballot were only there in the first place to serve as extortion. Trimpa is hardly a disinterested third-party in these negotiations. ColoradoPols is a little too glib in shouting his praises to the sky.


  1. bhudda says

    I got so excited when I read “educate the idiots” — I thought, finally they’re going to educate their candidates. Oh well, maybe that’s in a yet to be released memo “educated the idiots 2” What they miss is the fact that voters in Colorado are smart, they see through the empty rhetoric and are going to support Amendment’s 47, 49 and 54

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