Taxpayer Resources Used to Campaign Against Colorado Amendment 46

Despite Governor Bill Ritter’s denial, a state official acknowledged to the Rocky Mountain News that Ritter’s administration used official taxpayer resources to invite people to an anti-Amendment 46 campaign event (H/T Face The State):

Even as Ritter announced his opposition, Amendment 46 backers complained his administration had used state resources to campaign against the measure, which would be a violation of state law.

Ritter denied that. But later, his director of economic development, Don Elliman, acknowledged his office had used state time to invite people to a Sept. 22 forum on Amendment 46, which featured a well-known opponent of such measures, but no one who supported them.

“We blew it,” Elliman said. “It would appear from the wording on the invitation that we were taking a position. The governor can take a position, but that doesn’t mean we can spend state money and time on it.”

Apparently state officials are looking for a way to make up for the transgression of the state’s Fair Campaign Practices Act. Citizens need to hold their feet to the fire, and ask themselves why the governor is lining up special interest groups to oppose equal rights.

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