Tonight I was called “Superdaddy” at least 50 to 60 times by a smart, beautiful, healthy, happy and giggly (nearly) 2-year-old girl. And it required very little provocation. Life doesn’t get much better.


  1. Mom DeGrow says

    Well, you are a “Super Daddy”…..and Kyria is a very blessed little girl to have such a great and loving one…….as well as a great and loving “Super Mommy”. Have a nice day!


  2. says

    She can count to two. We work with her on that quite a bit. She knows some of the other numbers and will say them, but hasn’t yet associated them with actual quantities.

  3. says

    One to one correspondence is a ways away, some time around three, though educators might tell you later. It’s not that far if you work on it.

    Keep it fun, no pressure.

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