“Sleaziest” 527 Ad Exposes Union Payroll Abuses, Calls for Amendment 49

Sleazy ads by the Democrats’ 527 group Accountability for Colorado? Say it ain’t so (from the Rocky Mountain News editorial page):

The sleaziest flier this season? Probably the one targeting Republican Kevin Priola, who’s running for the District 30 state House seat in Adams County. It claims a judge “issued a restraining order against Priola out of fears that he posed a threat and imminent danger to the victim.”

Come to think of it, a second anti-Priola flier may be worse. It says that the “judge found [my emphasis] that Priola posed a threat and imminent danger to the victim.”

In fact, requests for temporary restraining orders are routinely granted just to be on the safe side until a hearing can be held. In this case, the person requesting the order against Priola (as well as his father and their firm) was a delinquent tenant trying to thwart an eviction. And the stunt didn’t work – the order was soon dismissed by the court.

There was no “victim” and no one in “danger.” A judge “found” nothing of the kind.

Notice that these fliers never mention the gender of the person requesting the order – a male – no doubt in order to leave the impression that a woman had been harassed or stalked. For that matter, both fliers suggest that Priola would be interested as a lawmaker in making it harder for judges to issue restraining orders – a flat-out invention.

So who’s responsible for these travesties? A group called Accountability for Colorado, which is partly funded by wealthy activists Tim Gill and Pat Stryker. These two fat cats, respected members of the state’s establishment, apparently have no qualms joining with those who trash the reputations of the innocent. [emphasis added]

The “sleaziest” ad of Colorado’s political season is not only funded by Left-wing billionaires Tim Gill and Pat Stryker (leaders of the Colorado Democracy Alliance). The Colorado Education Association (CEA) also has given tens of thousands of dollars of automatically deducted member dues and contributions to Accountability for Colorado. Do you think they took a straw poll of members first? Do you think they will disclose to members how their money was spent – at least in time for them to get a refund (if they even know about the refund)?

If Amendment 49 (Ethical Standards) were passed, and groups like CEA had to collect money directly from members, do you think they’d be as likely to brazenly spend their money on groups with such a record of sleazy deception?

And if this story makes you mad, I recommend you find a way to support Kevin Priola.

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