Setting the Record Straight

I saw this post from The Colorado Index earlier in the week. Busy at the time, I just shook my head and moved on. But when Rossputin – the subject of the post – brought it to my attention again, I decided it was worthy of a quick response.

A watcher is entitled to his opinions and to the manner of delivering those opinions, but a couple factual corrections are in order:

1. A watcher wrote: “‘Blogger Extraordinaire’ Ross Kaminsky – the self promoter who admits he doesn’t read conservative Colorado blogs….” Fact: The implication behind the use of “Blogger Extraordinaire,” which was used twice in this post, was that it was a title Ross chose for himself. In fact, it was the Samsphere promoters who devised and used the label. To my recollection, as someone who actually attended Samsphere, Ross never used the label himself. In fact, of the six blogger panelists last Saturday, Ross and David Harsanyi spoke about their blogs the least. That hardly would qualify him as any more of a self-promoter than any other blogger in attendance, myself included.

I would hope that after the fellowship of Samsphere, maybe Ross reads more conservative Colorado blogs than he did before. It’s certainly true for me.

2. A watcher wrote: “Since Samsphere has come and gone and no one recorded the lessons for your review” – Fact: You can find it all right here. Was every aspect of Samsphere recorded? No, but excluding the small group discussions and workshops, most all of it was.

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