Seriously … Joe Biden?

Update: Another Colorado blogger added to the list below

Barack Obama picked Joe Biden as his running mate … seriously? When I first heard the news late last night, it sounded too good to be true. My first reaction was that Obama must have made the pick from an insecurity about Obama’s personal and political weaknesses. Example? There’s no way Biden’s long-winded, incoherent ramblings could upstage the Obamessiah’s cultish appeal at this week’s Democratic National Convention.

Beyond the DNC, what does Barack Obama have to look forward to in having Joe Biden as a running mate? What do we really know about Biden? Here’s a quick rundown from Colorado bloggers:

And he’s not in the Colorado blogosphere, but Patrick Ruffini has put up Joe Biden’s infamous audio on Barack Obama, along with the original responses of some of the Left’s biggest online voices (i.e., Daily Kos, Atrios, Joshua Marshall). All in question either may be ready to eat their words or may just feel like losing their lunch. Then again, maybe Obama picked Biden because he thought what the Delaware Senator said was a genuine compliment.


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