Scandal Alert: Disturbing Allegations about State Lawmaker

Face the State was first to report it:

Assistant House Majority Leader Mike Garcia, D-Aurora, is facing accusations that he exposed himself to a female lobbyist while making lewd comments after a political fundraiser earlier this month.

Quickly followed by the Denver Post:

A lobbyist is accusing House Assistant Majority Leader Michael Garcia of exposing himself to her and making lewd comments at a bar.

Garcia did not return calls seeking comment, and House Speaker Andrew Romanoff refused to answer questions today about the allegations.

The allegations are disturbing. Politically speaking then, the responsible approach would be for Rep. Garcia to refute them quickly, firmly, and clearly, or to resign both from his leadership position and his seat.

This isn’t about Republican or Democrat, but rather a commentary about the condition of the human heart and one public person’s poor judgment. If found to be true, Rep. Garcia needs to be held to the same standard as anyone who would face the consequences of these actions. Maybe there’s a lesson, too, about a connection between unchecked lust for political power and lusts for other kinds of power.

The story will probably end up getting significant local media attention, thus requiring extra duty from parents to ensure the protection of childhood innocence and/or the need for genuine character.

With scandals all around us, here comes another one. Truly sad.


  1. More to It says

    If this is true, Garcia needs to be gone. If Romanoff or any other Dem leader knew about this for any length of time, and did not take action, I will be appalled.

    Sexual predators do not act just once, typically there is a pattern. If he was allowed to stay at the capitol as though nothing happened, Romanoff will have to face serious consequences.

  2. says

    That was quick – the news this morning has Garcia resigned:

    You’re right, the only question remaining – a la the Mark Foley scandal – is how long Romanoff & the Dem leadership knew about it. I assume there are good journalists out there probing the question right now, and we’ll find out in due time.

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