Romanoff & Kennedy: Saving TABOR’s Heart by Driving a Stake through It

I think Colorado’s Democratic powerhouses behind Amendment 59 need to get on the same page. It was only last month that State Treasurer Cary Kennedy was overheard saying that Amendment 59 will “drive a stake in the heart” of the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights.

In yesterday’s Denver Post, however, outgoing House Speaker Andrew Romanoff sought to argue that under Amendment 59 “‘the heart’ of TABOR — that all tax increases must have voter approval — would be preserved.”

Uncle Charley came to the valid conclusion:

Romanoff and Kennedy need to talk to each other: How do you preserve TABOR’s heart after a stake has been driven through it?

Exactly. Someone needs to cartoon this… If you’re going to take away all future TABOR refunds forever, I at least need to be able to laugh at your self-defeating contradictions on the way there.

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