Resisting the Temptation to Obsess over Political Polling Numbers

The always erudite Phil Mella reminds readers of “the problem with polls”, and why it’s better generally to ignore them during the give-and-take of a long campaign. I understand the point he’s conveying, but no matter which side of the political spectrum you’re on, it is awfully tempting to take a peek at the daily poll numbers and read more into them than is actually there. Maybe there’s a treatment program for political junkies….

The good news is that in 5 days we’ll have the only poll that counts, and we can go back to life as normal. (Or the new socialist utopia that’s promised to us. Cough. Sorry.)


  1. Keith says

    This election is about jobs and the economy. Until our economy is stable, voters will not pay attention to the other issues. I don’t know who wins this thing, but I think it will depend on who voters think will get the economy back on track.

    This poll asks who has a better pro-jobs agenda of the two candidates. . .

    I bet the results of this poll predicts the winner of the race.

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