Promote Worker Freedom for Colorado: Yes on Amendment 47

The Denver Post reports that the petition to bring Right-to-Work to Colorado has been certified for the November 2008 ballot. I laid out my case for supporting this idea a couple weeks ago.

The specter of Right-to-Work was raised after a heated fight over House Bill 1072 early in 2007 – Gov. Bill Ritter shrewdly vetoed the Big Labor-sponsored legislation in hopes of restoring peace and order. But even last June, labor groups were working behind the scenes to forestall a possible Right-to-Work initiative.

Two months later supporters introduced the initiative, leading us to today’s certification – following the collection of well more than the required 67,000 signatures. But Right-to-Work (now known as Amendment 47) might not have garnered the necessary support without the momentum of Bill Ritter’s executive order that opens state government to labor union leaders.

It still remains to be seen whether there’s enough political will to win a statewide victory for worker freedom in November, because Big Labor figures to spend big cash to defeat Amendment 47.

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