Peoples Press Collective: Grassroots Coverage of the DNC in Denver

For more of the latest coverage of Denver’s Democratic National Convention (Mon, Aug. 25 – Thur, Aug. 28), bookmark the Peoples Press Collective (PPC). My boss Jon Caldara explains on his blog:

They are a team of Colorado bloggers who will be armed to the teeth with point and shoot cameras, video cameras, and live streaming cell phones to document all the shenanigans, beat downs, hippie love-fests, and wacky protests going down in the streets. Basically anything the mainstream media won’t be around for, they will. Some pretty big time Colorado bloggers like the Rocky Mountain Right, Rossputin, Slapstick Politics, and Drunkablog have already signed on. They’ve got some cool features on their site like a quick 1 minute DNC preview video, a DNC blog post aggregator, and even a comprehensive schedule of DNC events.

Mount Virtus has been added to the aggregator. In fact, you may be reading this post on the PPC site. And the colorful and accurate tagline that blogress extraordinaire Michelle Malkin likes for the DNC: “A Mile High and an Inch Deep”.

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