More Outrageous Teacher Stories

The Center for Union Facts’ campaign to pay the 10 worst teachers $10,000 each to retire, over at Teachers Union Exposed, has picked up some colorful entries in the past couple weeks.

How about “The Drunk Gunman”?

This week’s featured nominee pulled up, drunk, to the drive-thru window of a fast-food restaurant. After ordering, he became angry that he wasn’t getting his food fast enough, so he took out a gun and started waving it at restaurant employees. After his arrest, he pled nolo contendere to all charges and was sent to jail. His students, meanwhile, were told he was caring for an ill family member; now out of jail, he’s back in the classroom with his job intact.

Or “Teaching to the Test”:

Two years ago [nominee] was caught in an internet chatroom, sitting at her desk, while the children were left to do whatever they wanted. The only punishment for this offense was to be moved from teaching one grade to a lower grade. One year ago angry parents paid a surprise to [nominee’s] class; she was playing solitaire on a laptop while the students were wandering around the classroom with no guidance. Her punishment was to be moved again into a lower grade. This year, [nominee’s] students began telling their parents that all they had to study for their tests was THE ANSWER KEY that [nominee] gave them!! Instead of teaching the kid anything about the questions and what the correct answers to the question are she was making them memorize the answer key (A,D,D,B,A,C… etc).

Know any bad teachers whose jobs are protected by union-supported tenure laws? Go ahead and submit your entry today.

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