More Deception From Foes of Colorado Amendment 49, Amendment 54

In a campaign characterized by hypocrisy, deception, and cowardice, the opponents of Colorado’s Amendment 47 (Right-to-Work), Amendment 49 (Ethical Standards), and Amendment 54 (Government Contracting Reform) are at it again.

The People’s Press Collective documents the latest misleading campaign flyer from Protect Colorado’s Culture of Corruption Future, noting: “You won’t be surprised that they’re still abusing Colorado’s real heroes as puppets for their elaborate LIES.”

Indeed. At this point, I’m not sure how low the opponents of good government and worker freedom would have to go to take me by surprise. The campaign isn’t over yet, though.


  1. Colorado Jones says

    Those Colorado Future people keep sinking lower and lower, don’t they?

  2. says

    A few weeks back, I promised to follow up with who is funding Amendment 49, after they filed their paperwork. At the time, I speculated.

    “I think it’s safe to assume we’re going to find more anonymous Independence Institute laundered money behind this one.”

    Unsurprisingly, I was completely right! (don’t mind the expired session messages, just click the link a second time and it will work, it’s an error on the SoS’s side). All of “Ethical Standards Now”‘s money comes from the Independence Institute. Who gave the Independence Institute the money? Who knows? Jon Caldera doesn’t want us to know whose paying the bills!

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