McCain’s Appearance in Denver

The most thorough reporting on Republican Presidential candidate John McCain’s stop in Denver yesterday can be found at Slapstick Politics.

In one key passage El Presidente writes:

So when the Democrats and the left target Senate candidate Bob Schaffer for comments he made about Sen. McCain last year that appear critical, ask them how they will handle their party’s own squabbles, name-calling, and vitriol. If Schaffer can’t offer his opinion and then change/modify/alter it, then it will be tough (even for Democrats) to see either Obama or Clinton offering their support for each other, once the nomination is decided. And the attacks we’ve seen between those two this primary season make any tension between Schaffer and McCain pale in comparison.

Expecting most of Colorado Lefties to engage in this kind of thoughtful self-criticism is probably overly optimistic. They’ve sure got the mud flying now, hoping the rest of us won’t notice.

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