Mark Hillman Cuts Through Deception Used Against Amendments 47, 49, 54

Another prominent, respected Colorado voice joins the chorus of those denouncing the nonsensical attacks against Amendments 47, 49, and 54. Former state treasurer Mark Hillman makes a couple of terrific points in his piece:

Amendment 49 (”ethical standards”) prohibits state and local governments from intercepting a worker’s paycheck to collect dues or contributions for unions, lobbyists or any other special interest. It simply requires all interest groups to ask supporters directly for their contribution, rather than use government payroll systems as their collection agency.

Groups from the National Rifle Association to the Sierra Club rely on voluntary contributions, so why can’t labor unions and other special interests?


Then there’s the whopper by the “Coloradans for Middle Class Relief” that claims “a few rich owners” – “Big Bad Wolf” was already taken — want to pass these amendments so they can “cut wages and reduce health care for their employees.”

What stops those greedy owners from treating their employees like indentured servants today? The good old profit motive, of course. It’s tough to sell goods and services without productive, properly compensated employees.

The Denver Post called the union attacks dishonest, noting that Amendment 47 “does not in any way prevent unions from organizing and collecting dues from willing employees.” The Post also pointed out that the firefighter in the commercial works in a department where union membership is voluntary.

It’s nice to be able to cut through the white noise and lies of Protect Colorado Future’s outrageous political spin. Only eight more days. We can only hope for Ethical Standards (Amendment 49) and these other good ideas to prevail over the deception.

(Disclosure: I also happen to work for the Independence Institute, which is a chief supporter of Amendment 49.)


  1. Colroado Jones says

    I just heard one of their radio ads about fire fighters not being able to get oxygen tanks and nurses not being able to take care of our children if Amendments 49 and 54 pass. Do they really think that using a deep voice and ominous music is going to scare us into voting against these pro-worker amendments?

  2. bhudda says

    And it just keeps coming from the “business community” — has another exclusive about Colorado (un)Concern. Apparently they need a new ploy to raise money and now they’re targeting Amendment 54. With friends like these in the business community, who needs enemy’s? Please tell everyone you know to vote yes on Amendments 47, 49 and 54; let’s send the business community a message

  3. theangrytrucker says

    We need common sense within our state, county, and local governments. All Amendment 54 will do is clean up the curruption we have within our government contracting process and SAVE US MONEY! We cant be deceived into believing the “doom and gloom” campaign being waged against Amendment 54. Stand up with me for whats right for ALL Coloradans and vote Yes on Amendment 54.

  4. Colorado GOPer says

    These amendments are badly needed. We need to all vote yes on 54 to ensure the lies being spun by the unions are not successful. The worst part is that Amendment 54 will save those firefighters, cops, and teachers millions of tax dollars. It is sad that the leadership thows their members under a bus for their own benefits. VOTE YES ON AMENDMENT 54!!!

  5. buffalum says

    I am so glad to hear someone like Hillman talk about these amendments and clear up all the lies. These are good amendments. I do’nt understand how they got put together as they are all very seperate. I think that 54 is really important. We NEED to stop the corruption! YES on 54

  6. lane_thehair says

    I don’t normally like all these amendments, but I think that 54 is really important. As a tax payer I want to know how my money is being spent. I want to make sure that our government is held accountable! YES on 54!

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