Look at (State) Senate Candidate’s Taxpayer-Funded Expenses

As my colleague noted on the Schaffer v Udall blog, a recent audit of taxpayer-funded expense accounts by the state board of education has shown just how frugal Republican U.S. Senate candidate Bob Schaffer is – as he claimed only $521.

Reporters did ask board chair Pamela Jo Suckla about her $25,851, and got an answer:

Suckla said her expenses were higher than other members’ because she has to commute from her home in Slickrock on the Western Slope, rent cars and stay in hotels, while others live along the Front Range.

She said the board held more meetings than usual last year because members were searching for a new education commissioner.

Sure, that’s worth extra scrutiny, but it at least gives a plausible explanation.

But the board member with the next highest expense lives in Arvada, just outside of Denver. Democrat Evie Hudak claimed $11,316, according to the reports. Especially since Hudak is running to carry her party’s mantle in Senate District 19 – ready to carry on the pro-union, anti-school-choice legacy of Sen. Sue Windels – shouldn’t a reporter ask her as well? Or at least, take a closer look at where that $11,000+ went?

It may be all justified, but we don’t know if questions aren’t asked and records aren’t examined.

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