Local GOP Blogger Declares Candidacy for State Legislature

One of my longest, most consistent friends in the blogging world has decided to throw his hat in the ring. Republican Joshua Sharf has declared his candidacy for House District 6.

Since the district is a heavily Democrat enclave, the campaign is much less about personal ambition than principle. Having exposed frontrunning Republican candidate Rima Barakat Sinclair for her anti-Israel Islamist agenda and other suspect credentials, Joshua has decided to petition on the primary ballot to ensure she does not carry the Republican Party banner in the fall.

Apparently, a Republican candidate for Congress learned about Ms. Sinclair’s history and decided to reject her $500 contribution to his heated primary campaign. That’s a strong message, one that I hope Republicans in House District 6 hear. Hey, at least it’s a relatively small universe of voters.

If you’re inclined to help, Joshua writes:

If you’d like to contribute time or, eventually, money, drop me a line here or at my email, jsharf@jsharf.com, and you can be plenty sure I’ll get back to you.

Conservative Colorado GOP leaders who care about what remains of the party’s good name also should pay attention and remember Joshua Sharf.

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