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    Your view is distinctly a minority one. I bet B.O. will be glad to know he won in the eyes of the Southern dialect-typing demographic, though.

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    Oh, I’m shore it is a minority one in these here neocon parts. But by wut *objective* standard do ye make such a judgmint? Admittedly, I’m ohnly makin’ a prediction based on my almost infallible judgment. But the first results have trickled in, ‘n here’s wut they say:

    It’s th’ swing vote wut matters most, Ben, as I’m shore ye know. It’ll be intersturn t’ see if Obama’s five-point lead starts t’ increase ohn th’ morrow.

    I suspect the VP debate might go Palin’s way, since she’s such a spunky good looker ‘n all. But I also suspect in the next prez debate we will see an even more decisive Obama win.

    Mequeno is the GOP’s Doddering Darlin’ from Arizona. After tonite, the emphasiss is ohn “dodderin'”.

    But y’all keep ohn a-smokin’ wut yir smokin’ tonight thar, Ben. Makes me wish I wuz thar with ye.

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    Your lack of credibility latent in your unrepentant narrow ideological spewings speak for themselves. That you should seek to misrepresent my on-the-spot analysis to forward your own quixotic agenda is no surprise.

    No sensible pundit I’ve read or seen – even in the liberal MSM – would dare say Obama “owned” the debate. If you’re trying to be edgy and provocative to advance your coming neo-Confederate rebellion, just try to be a little less transparent about it next time.

    So thanks but no thanks. I tend to trust my own judgment anyway. The cute jokes about marijuana aside, I have to say I’m glad I wasn’t there with you to have to witness your irrational Obamagasm.

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    Halperin at Time: Obama, A-; Mequeno, B-. I’d pretty much agree with his assessment.

    And a Fox News – Fox News! – poll indicates an Obama win.

    In fact, att seems t’ be th’ consensus.

    Nice rant, by th’ way. One-a yir better ones.

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