Like Thomas Sowell, I Wonder: Do Facts Matter to American Voters?

The always astute, insightful, and persuasive Thomas Sowell has an especially good column about the national election before us. It’s titled “Do Facts Matter?” If you only read one column this week, please make it this one. And spread the word.

I’m only left to wonder if there are enough rational voters left in the center of American politics. Every two to four years, it seems like there is a little bit less rationality than before. But if the current trend continues, it would be a big step forward in my opinion. Some seem to want to choose Barack Obama as the next “flavor of the month” — the President of the United States is like an ice cream cone or a cup of coffee. If only the rest of us had such trivial consequences to face from this election, I wouldn’t be writing on this blog.


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    Weren’t never no rashnality in th’ “center,” if’n ye aisk me.

    Ye wan’t rashnality? Read Jefferson ‘n his intellectual projeny. ‘N thin aisk yirseff wut, in current American politics, corresponds t’ that way-a thankin.’ I gahrantee ye wohn’t find it in th’ “center.”

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    One mo’ thang, Ben, n’-inn I’ll shut up (switch off Reb voice):

    Honestly, Mr. DeGrow: you actually expect rationality from the American electorate? Have you taken a *look around* at it lately?

    I’m of the opinion, based upon my own assessment of such “facts” as the intellectual and moral degradtion of society in general – and how that fact in turn affects the quality of the electorate – that the American experiment is basically finsihed, caput, history. This largely accounts for why I’ve taken the “extreme” or “fringe” position I have.

    But my position is really not so radical at all, except in the sense that it calls for a return to the “radix”, the root. And that entails such things that were quite popular with America’s original republicans, but which are today looked upon with contempt by its current Republicans (and by the other half of the American duoparty, the Democrats). Things that aren’t very “democratic” or “egalitarian” at all.

    Bottom line, there are people voting in this country who should not be allowed to vote. But that’s just for starters. The fact is, we’re not “one people” anymore, if we ever were. And that’s precisely why secessionism is getting more attention these days.

    The true cure for the situation you decry, my friend, if it is to be applied, will prove to be much more “radical” than most of you will have the stomach for.

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    I realize I am opening myself up to name-calling by the left for being a racist, but I am so desappointed in my African-American brothers and sisters who spit into the face of Almighty God and flock to Obama at 98% nationally. How can anyone forget party affiliation, Conservative ideology or even your faith to simply vote for someone for the color of their skin?

    Do you honestly believe I would vote for a Sioux, Fox, Creek (Muskogee) or a Cherokee when I don’t believe in one single thing they believe in, but they are of my race?

    Now how stupid is that?

    I would say it is they and not I who are racists!

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