John LeGrew, Who Are You?

If you want to know how bad a state the national Republican Congressional campaign is in, look no further than my own backyard: Colorado’s 7th Congressional District. Once a nationally targeted toss-up swing district defended by Republican incumbent Bob Beauprez, the GOP cannot find anything approaching a credible candidate to square off against the first-time Democrat incumbent Ed Perlmutter.

According to the Colorado Statesman handed out at Saturday’s Republican State Convention, the GOP’s candidate for the 7th is none other than (drumroll, please) … John LeGrew. “No information was available to the Party as of press time,” it reads under his picture.

No offense or anything, I’m sure Mr. LeGrew is a nice guy and all. But just who is he?

Near as I can tell, John LeGrew has a record of distinguished military service as a veterinary surgeon with the 13th Light Dragoons in the British Army during the Crimean War. Okay, I know that was 150 years ago. So maybe the namesake is a direct ancestor?

Seriously, I can’t find any record of a living person with the name John LeGrew. I have no idea who he is, but would gladly accept clues to his identity in the comment section.

I also had to let you know how difficult it was to resist the temptation to make a lame pun about the Republican 7th Congressional candidate having already been where I am now (LeGrew as the past tense of DeGrow. Yes, I said lame). Yet rather than a candidate of the past or the present, maybe someday soon Republicans here can field someone with a vision for the future: Summoning Will Grow…. Mr. Grow….


  1. says

    Too late for you to run?

    Heck, you’ve got name recognition and street cred in the blogosphere and via your policy work.

    We should just create a slate of blogger candidates. Second look at 2010?

  2. says

    You may have a point. We could set the pattern. LeGrew in ’08, DeGrow in ’10, Will Grow in ’12 … ?

  3. fran docherty says

    If you do decide to run I would be happy to forward you the CEA candidate questionaire. The deadline was May 26, but for you Ben, I would try to pull some strings.

  4. says

    Trust me, Fran, it isn’t happening. But it’s good to know you’re still reading.

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