Jeff Crank for Congress

Admittedly I haven’t followed the Republican primary in Colorado’s 5th Congressional District too closely. But I have paid enough attention to know that Jeff Crank is the candidate most worthy of support.

A friend e-mailed me to say that, given the positive effect of my endorsement on Wil Armstrong’s candidacy, I also ought to come forward and publicly endorse Jeff Crank, too. Some of the reasons are the same – the need for fresh, outside business experience and leadership in the halls of Congress. But Crank also has a clear and principled stand against earmarks and pork (of the costly government variety), and would stand up for taxpayers not only with his words and his votes, but also with his actions.

I am proud to officially endorse Jeff Crank, Republican for the 5th Congressional District. And don’t forget to vote in the upcoming August 12 primary.


  1. Dakota says

    As a resident of the 5th Congressional District (and a current Hillsdale student, incidentally), I’d like to point out that Mr. Crank isn’t exactly the Washington outsider some claim he his. In fact, during the 2006 primary his primary running point was that he was familiar with Washington and could, in effect, “protect Colorado Springs’ military bases using his previous DC experience.” While I have no disagreements with him, I’m having a hard time buying the “new” Jeff Crank.

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