Introducing Ben’s Guide to the Colorado Ballot 2008

Due to the unrivaled success of providing a guide to Colorado’s 2006 ballot measures, and an even larger slate of Initiatives and Referenda to consider, I give you Ben’s guide to the Colorado ballot for 2008. The author is solely responsible for the opinions contained therein.


  1. Aimee says

    Amendment 51 does not increase taxes on gasoline, groceries, medicine, medical services, or utilities. Read your “Blue Book” it will tell you this and more facts. These people are in crisis with no back up plan and they need our help. Colorado is 46th in the nation on supporting adults and children with disabilities. This is sad. Vote Yes on 51!

  2. says

    Is there a comprehensive guide to all the ballot issues for this year? I’m talking everything from amendments to judges, and all points between. I’m so bombarded with opposing views, even on our local conservative radio station that is being saturated by Bernie Buscher ads…who do you trust? I tried finding one at Focus on the Family and couldn’t find one even there. Help!!! I want to vote early and don’t know how to start! Thank you.

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