In Swing State Colorado, Obama’s “don’t have the votes in Congress” Resonates

Remember a couple weeks ago, Barack Obama’s infamous response to “rumors” that he plans “to take away your guns.” The junior Illinois Senator said: “I believe in the Second Amendment… you have nothing to fear from an Obama administration… And by the way, here’s another thing you’ve got to understand. Even if I wanted to take it away, I couldn’t get it done. I don’t have the votes in Congress.”

As ABC News blogger Jake Tapper points out:

That “I don’t have the votes in Congress” line has ricocheted around the country…

Let’s take an extreme hypothetical to make a point. Can you imagine a candidate saying something egregious as: “Why, of course, I’m against legalizing the international child kidnapping trade. And by the way, there’s something else you ought to know. Even if I wanted to give in to the ‘shanghai’ lobby and make it easier to sell your child to sex traffickers, I don’t have the votes in Congress to do it.”

That’s an absurd case that would rightly cause people to be scratching their heads. In Obama’s real-life case, he just so happens to have the anti-gun record that could cost him a narrow victory in the key state of Colorado.

In our swing state backyard, Barack Obama has built himself a major challenge:

Colorado is home to more than 100,000 dues-paying members of the National Rifle Association, all of whom should have received THIS MAILER sometime in the last week, which says he would be “the most anti-gun president in American history,” and refers gun rights enthusiasts to the website

The importance of this issue among a significant voting bloc in Colorado should not be underestimated. In a very tight race for our state’s 9 electoral votes, every little edge is needed. John McCain and Sarah Palin must be telling Obama: Thank you very much.

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