Hillary and Health Care: Sweet Irony

Have I been too easy on Hillary? Not much has seemed worthy of any sort of fresh attention here, but there is something about the combination of Clintons, Leftist ideas, and irony that’s hard to ignore.

According to a detailed report at Politico, paying campaign staffers’ health insurance premiums is not really a priority for Senator Hillary Clinton: nearly $292,000 in unpaid bills, while her opponent Republican Senator John McCain is all paid up. She must think her prescription for government-provided single payer health care has already kicked in. Thankfully it has not, and hopefully it will not.

Meanwhile, Scott Ott at Scrappleface takes the irony to another humorous level:

Ending weeks of speculation, Sen. Hillary Clinton today pulled out of the race for the Democrat presidential nomination, and announced she would endorse Prozac, a prescription drug used to combat depression and obsessive compulsive disorder among other conditions.

The New York senator, who launched her White House bid claiming that she didn’t want to start a campaign “but a conversation” that she was “in to win”, this morning said abruptly: “This conversation is over. I win.”

The former presumptive front runner then promptly inked a $7.9 million deal with Eli Lilly to become the national poster-woman for its flagship antidepressant drug.

A spokesman for the pharmaceutical company said, “If Prozac can keep Hillary Clinton on an even keel after the shattering of her life’s ambition and manifest destiny, think what it can do for those of us who are just feeling a little blue.”

Yes, the Prozac deal would more than cover the back payments for Hillary’s campaign workers’ health insurance, but it also would sure make her look small after railing at the Big Drug Companies day after day on the campaign trail.

Looking small? You’re right. I guess that’s never been much of a concern for the Clintons.

And who knows? Maybe Scrappleface is on to something. Another long look at the poll numbers from North Carolina might be speeding up those negotiations with the Prozac people as I write.

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