Help Falcon Find a Parent-Friendly, Visionary Education Leader

Looking for a quick way to make your voice heard on the importance of public education reform? Falcon School District 49 is a fast-growing district in El Paso County, a district where more creative choices and options could help make a big difference for families.

As its board searches for a new superintendent, Falcon is conducting a survey of what characteristics their new leader should have. There’s a few reasons why you should take the few minutes to participate, answer as many questions as you can, and let them know why non-traditional experience and outside-the-box visionary thinking is to be preferred to traditional establishment credentials that offer less chance to bring real reform:

1. If you live in Falcon 49, you will be most directly affected – both as one who pays a substantial share of the school tax and whose children and neighbors’ children are likely to attend the schools under the superintendent’s leadership.

2. If you live near Falcon 49, you have a right under Colorado open enrollment law to cross district lines and send your kids to any Falcon school that has room. A visionary superintendent may work with the board to create more parent-friendly education options.

3. If you live elsewhere in Colorado, a portion of your state taxes funds Falcon 49 schools. You have an interest in which direction the new superintendent takes the district.

4. Regardless where you live, you may someday be the employer, manager, or co-worker of a Falcon 49 graduate, and you want to ensure the best opportunities available by ensuring good, strong leadership with a parent-friendly, visionary superintendent.

What are you waiting for? Please take the survey!

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