Feeling Out of the Loop: John Lerew (not LeGrew) and CCM Comes to Denver

Oh joy, I’ve finally figured out who my Republican Congressional candidate is: John Lerew, not John LeGrew (how bad is it when your name gets misspelled in a key publication that introduces your candidacy to a key audience of activists?).

Longtime Colorado blogger Jack Ott, whom I met back in 2004, has posted information about Mr. Lerew. Certainly, he seems an ardent and passionate conservative, but it’s apparent the GOP went pretty deep onto the bench to bring him forward as the candidate. Or, as one Lefty blogger quite accurately put it, Mr. Lerew is “the sacrificial lamb” to run against incumbent Rep. Ed Perlmutter.

(I feel out of the loop to have taken so long to learn about this one. But it also speaks ill of the candidate’s credibility that he seemingly has no website to define his online presence, raise funds, recruit volunteers, etc. In 2008? A Congressional candidate, even a “sacrificial lamb” … no website? Sigh. We’ll learn eventually. Tune into The Next Right.)

Anyway, Jack Ott also has information about something hopefully of more lasting significance – that’s the new Denver metro chapter of the Coalition for a Conservative Majority – where incidentally, John Lerew evidently spoke at the last meeting. If you’re an ardent conservative looking to get involved as an activist, you should at least take a look at joining your local CCM chapter.


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    You shouldn’t feel bad that you have been left out of the loop. When I step up at the assemble on May 19th, there were not many in the audience that new the name. I thought they got darn close to spelling my name correctly. Heck, the name Lerew is always mispelled.
    Keep up the good work and keep the passion, new Republicans are popping up everywhere, it is tough to keep track.
    Thanks for all you do!

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    Thanks for the kind word – I just missed the chance to shake your hand & meet you at the Arvada parade last Saturday. Best of luck.

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    What is in a name anyway, if you had to spend $100,000 of thousands to just to get people to spell your name right?

    Who was behind your campaign, he should have been fired.

    It seems a vote for McCain would have been a vote for Obama, and a vote for Obama would have been a vote for McCain?

    These to parties should all be ashamed, and finally it took Harry Reid and his Gang of Squirrels, to meet behind close doors, giving into the special interest, and bribing 10-11 states to get votes, that the other 39-40 states will have to pay for, because they didn’t get anything, or did they we just don’t know about it, like we don’t know what’s in the Health Care Bill? (It can safely be said the Republican states did not get zip!)

    Why did this happen? Who is to blame?

    The Voters, and the Voters who thought their vote would not have made a difference!

    WAKE UP!

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