Exclusive Video: DNC Scrubs Free Speech from Pepsi Center Sidewalk

Bringing the Democratic National Convention to town means not only cleaning up the homeless off the streets but also cleaning up any vestiges of apparently offensive speech. One of the capable Peoples Press Collective video journalists caught it on video in front of the Pepsi Center today:

“Obama, stop abortion!” … “Stand for life” – All getting washed away. I doubt there will be any debate inside the Pepsi Center about the Democratic Party’s abortion platform. Free speech can be a matter of convenience sometimes.


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    As one of the so-called “vandals”, both here in Denver and in Boston ’04, I can assure you court challenges to our freedom of speech in this medium rarely, if ever, stick. I was charged in Laguna Beach for this very “crime”, and the judge agreed with every other rational American that I have the same right to chalk the sidewalk as a child of four who draws flowers and hopscotch. Are you in favor of arresting millions of American kids for vandalism?

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    As far as I’m aware, they (you) haven’t been arrested in Denver. I’m just saying that if the DNC were to treat free speech issues like the RNC does, they (you) would have been. Will you be in Minneapolis to deface private property there as well? Do you pay for the cleanup crews?

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