Endorsements Likely Key Factor in Lifting Wil Armstrong into Close Race

I’ve written very little about the 6th Congressional District primary since my endorsement of Wil Armstrong nearly four months ago. Since then, many prominent Republicans have followed suit with their public endorsements, including Senator Wayne Allard, former Governor Bill Owens, Attorney General John Suthers, former state senate leader Mark Hillman, former Secretary of State Gigi Dennis, and even former Massachusetts governor and possible vice-presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

For the longest time, Secretary of State Mike Coffman has been viewed as the prohibitive frontrunner in this four-way race, which also features state senators Ted Harvey and Steve Ward. But then today comes interesting news from the campaign – also reported at Rocky Mountain Right and The Colorado Index: A poll freshly released from the Wil Armstrong campaign shows a dead heat between Armstrong and Coffman.

Both Wil Armstrong and Mike Coffman have been highly visible with paid media ads. Coffman started off with a significant edge in name recognition, but something has closed the gap of earlier surveys (in February, Coffman reported a 44-10 advantage over his next nearest opponent. Of course, the only one that really matters is the tally of voters on primary election day, August 12.)

Those endorsements must be playing some role in turning the 6th Congressional District GOP primary into a tight two-man race. Certainly not my endorsement, but those other ones.


  1. chesapeake 01 says

    I think you are right on target, big mo has swung over to the Armstrong campaign in a big way, the coffman campaign is now searching for answers on how their big insurmountable lead envaporated. Great Article!!!

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