Denver Teachers Union Moves One Step Closer to Possible DNC Strike

Another landmark yesterday in the fallout between Denver Public Schools and the Denver Classroom Teachers Association, reports the Post‘s Jeremy Meyer:

Representatives of Denver’s teachers union and school administrators — embroiled in a contract dispute — met with a professional arbiter Wednesday to discuss next month’s mediation.

The two sides are at odds over compensation and time issues, particularly in regard to proposed changes to ProComp — the voter-approved performance pay system for teachers.

The story continues:

With mediation the week before the Democratic National Convention in Denver, there is concern of picketing during the event to bring national attention to the contract dispute.

The DCTA newsletter has declared teachers should be ready to strike. [DCTA president Kim] Ursetta downplayed that talk Thursday, saying teachers will be in classrooms teaching their students during the convention.

Actions, of course, speak louder than words. As I said before, this could make the DNC much more interesting for me.

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