Denver Post Exclusive: My Commentary on Big Labor in State Government

The Denver Post has put up my exclusive commentary on Gov. Bill Ritter’s November executive order, which may soon end up unionizing two-thirds of state government. Here’s a taste:

Thanks to Gov. Bill Ritter’s gold-plated invitation, union leaders are on the verge of taking a major role in state government. Taxpayers and dissenting workers should pay attention.

Under the terms of Ritter’s November 2 executive order, 30 percent of the affected workers in an occupational group have to express formal interest in a union “partnership” election. The Colorado WINS union coalition that formed four days after the order has collected enough signatures to hold five separate elections that could make it the “exclusive representative” of more than 21,000 state employees.

On March 19, the Association of Colorado State Patrol Professionals (ACSPP) won the first union “partnership” election with roughly three-fourths of ballots cast, even though less than a true majority of state troopers actually voted for it.

The upcoming Colorado WINS elections could yield similar results.

If you’re looking for more details and footnotes behind the arguments in the column, check out my new issue paper. For those with less time, the two-page backgrounder is here. Auditory learners can catch the podcast. All compliments of the Independence Institute.

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