Dems Push Forward “Wet Noodle” Anti-Strike Legislation

A bill that would ban strikes for Colorado state workers passed a Senate committee yesterday, reports the Denver Post – all unleashed by the stroke of Gov. Bill Ritter’s pen. Today’s article omits the significant detail, so it’s incumbent upon this blogger to remind you that the Democrat proposal is weak and ineffectual.

Colorado Senate News features the best commentary on the bill:

“Obviously, this bill wouldn’t have been introduced at all if Republicans hadn’t urged the governor to do the right thing and assure taxpayers their vital public services wouldn’t be jeopardized by the threat of a strike,” the GOP’s Sen. Bill Cadman, of Colorado Springs, said after the committee vote.

“Unfortunately, what we got from the governor and his allies in the legislature was a bare, minimum kind of guarantee,” Cadman said. “This thing is enforced with a wet noodle.”

Though for a variety of reasons a strike of state employees is by no means imminent, some day Colorado may regret having elected a majority party that took the “wet noodle” approach to enforcement. Otherwise, sadly, this issue will be largely forgotten among the slew of Democrat missteps that hit taxpayers more closely at home. Only so many big government transgressions can be remembered, after all.

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