Democrat Cary Kennedy Admits Amendment 59 is Anti-Taxpayer

In case you had any doubts about the intentions of leading Colorado Democrats in bringing forward Amendment 59, Education Week brings you the straight skinny (H/T Rocky Mountain Right):

Colorado Speaker of the House Andrew Romanoff praised the [National Education Association]’s state chapter as one of the “most aggressive and successful” groups assisting Democrats in their takeover Colorado’s Statehouse and governor’s mansion. State Treasurer Cary Kennedy (no relation to RFK Jr.) said that Democrats would win a ballot initiative to “drive a stake in the heart” of the state’s Taxpayers Bill of Rights [TABOR]–a conservative cost-cutting measure.

Yes, the Democrats behind Amendment 59 – Andrew Romanoff and Cary Kennedy – want to stick it to the taxpayer in the service of their liberal interest group masters (read: Colorado Education Association). While anyone who has been paying attention understands Romanoff’s and Kennedy’s basic intentions, it is somewhat surprising to see their unguarded opinions reported in black and white.


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