Conservative Lesson from CoDA: Time to Latch on to Transparency Issue

We may never know just how authentic the “Educate the Idiots” document is (it’s the word of a young, independent man with nothing to lose vs. a web of heavily-funded, Left-leaning organizations with their power and credibility at stake). But, as Jessica Fender’s article in today’s Denver Post demonstrates, the Colorado Democracy Alliance provides a teachable moment about the Left’s sophisticated political organization, and how the conservative side has waited too long to wake up and get it.

I am on the same page with Alan Philp on this one:

A dearth of lasting conservative infrastructure and more limited resources mean Republicans won’t see anything as sophisticated or coordinated for “some time to come,” said Alan Philp, who led the state GOP’s failed 2006 attempt to synchronize electioneering efforts.

“We believe people should be able to give freely . . . with full disclosure,” he said. “That mindset is challenged by the reality of how the Democratic apparatus works.”

The Denver Post‘s center-Left editor Dan Haley is in agreement, too. Transparency is the issue of the future. If Republicans in Colorado have half a brain, they will latch onto it and ride it as far as it will go. At least that’s my humble two cents’ worth.

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