Colorado Civil Rights Initiative Seeks Fair Hearing in Traditional Media

Jessica Corry, the new executive director of the Colorado Civil Rights Initiative, has a Speakout column in today’s Rocky Mountain News that clears up many of the charges made against the effort to eliminate government-sponsored discrimination:

In 2007, when we first proposed our initiative language, our opponents challenged us all the way up to the Colorado Supreme Court. We won.

In February, our opponents attempted to get a competing amendment onto the ballot. We won again after the state’s Initiative Title Setting Review Board struck down their misleading and confusing language.

On April Fool’s Day, our opponents staged a widely covered press conference where dozens of activists falsely alleged that our signature gatherers had engaged in voter fraud. Just three of these individuals actually filed complaints.

And now our opponents are again trying to present a competing amendment – a move we are challenging. We are confident that we will prevail once again.

Few, if any, of these facts have been reported in the mainstream media. As the multipronged attack continues against COCRI, only our opposition’s allegations are reported. Recently, a group called Vote No on 46 filed a lawsuit alleging that Secretary of State Mike Coffman made a mistake when he ruled that we had enough valid signatures to appear on this November’s ballot.

While the allegations may be tantalizing, such accusations should be subject to serious skepticism, having been merely recycled from other failed opposition campaigns.

At the outset of this campaign, we knew our opposition would be tenacious. While we accept that we are attempting to tackle a controversial problem, only our side has remained steadfastly committed to running an honest campaign. We can only hope that the media will now allow voters to hear both sides.

The honest campaign for Amendment 46 (Colorado Civil Rights Initiative) merits support. To find out how you can get involved, go here.

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