Chantell Taylor Watch: Part IV

Is this really a story?

A government watchdog group criticized the state’s attorney general for stepping in as legal counsel to the new Independent Ethics Commission, saying in a statement Tuesday that the setup presents unavoidable conflicts of interest.

Attorney General John Suthers on Monday told the commission, responsible for forming ethics rules, that his office would do its lawyering unless lawmakers allow an outside attorney.

Suthers’ office by law acts as counsel for all state agencies, an attorney general spokesman said.

Then we see who the “government watchdog group” is:

Chantell Taylor, head of the nonprofit Colorado Ethics Watch, said the commission should be independent of the executive branch. [emphasis added]

Yes, this Chantell Taylor, whom I blogged on in 2006:

A two-minute Google search would have identified Taylor’s affiliation with the ACLU of Colorado and her active role as a district captain for the Denver Democratic Party. And less than five minutes searching the contribution records on the Colorado Secretary of State Web site would have shown that Taylor is a contributor to Ken Gordon, the Democrats’ candidate for Secretary of State.

Taylor’s resume as a Democrat activist also includes directing the 527 BlueFlower Group, which works to raise money for Democratic women political candidates who favor abortion rights.

I also chronicled the need for better transparency concerning the phony “watchdog group” last August.

In writing about one of Taylor’s complaints a few months ago, the Post at least noted that her group is “generally seen as left-leaning.” Today’s story couldn’t even bother to give that much information, but featured the frivolous attack nonetheless.

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