Call in Wednesday to Discuss Gov. Ritter’s Colorado Union Payback

Update: Wednesday’s show is also announced here with an invitation to “union thugs”

Do you want to chime in about union issues in Colorado – like all the unwelcome fruits of Gov. Ritter’s executive order granting union leaders access and power?

Then please tune in this Wednesday, February 20, at Noon Mountain Time (2:00 Eastern), to RighTalk’s “Leave Us Alone” radio as I join Brian Johnson from the Alliance for Worker Freedom in Washington, DC, to talk about these issues and more.

We welcome you to call in live during the broadcast at 1-866-884-TALK (8255). Have an opinion about Ritter’s union policies? Concerned about union harassment of Colorado state employees? Upset that government employee union leaders don’t have to open their books to members, or that they have unaccountable access to government payroll systems to raise money for political activities?

Please give us a call Wednesday. Look forward to hearing from you.

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