Brandon Shaffer? Evie Hudak is the “Extraordinarily Partisan” Candidate

Laughable quote of the day from Democrat state senator Brandon Shaffer, as reported in Politicker:

In state Senate District 19, Shaffer gave Democrat Evie Hudak the edge over Republican Libby Szabo, saying Szabo is “extraordinarily partisan.”

“Eventually, there’s enough of a base there, enough unaffiliated voters who are looking for more of a collaborative approach to getting things done across party lines, that they’ll come home to Evie,” Shaffer said.

More of a collaborative approach from Evie Hudak? The Evie Hudak who publicly stated “I support the entire Democratic party platform”? I guess one would have to be “extraordinarily partisan” himself to think that represents a “collaborative approach”.

Yes, I’m still laughing. Politicians in the course of their duty often say plenty of questionable truth value. But then sometimes one of them opens his mouth and blows the truth right out of the water. Brandon Shaffer dropped a real whopper.

Libby Szabo is in a tight race. Please help her out however you can.

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