Bill Ritter Hobnobs on Arctic Cruise while Scientists Cast Doubt on Climate Theory

After his recent Arctic show cruise with numerous liberal elites, Gov. Bill Ritter said he “improved his knowledge of climate change and reinforced his belief that his environmental policies at home are the right ones.”

Our governor picked some miserably bad timing that only makes him look sillier. As Joshua Sharf points out, the widely reputed American Physics Society has shined a growing light of credibility on dissent from the climate hysteria of man-made global warming. Joshua also points to a piece highlighting how Australia is starting to come to terms with the largely bogus nature of the alleged threat.

Meanwhile, Bill Ritter is awed by the visual evidence of Arctic ice caps melting in July – with both Ritter and the Denver Post failing to note the vast extent to which sea-ice levels have grown back in the past year.

Pointing to the report that came from Bill Ritter’s Arctic vacation, Civil Sense notes that its proposals – similar to the governor’s own special agenda for Colorado – “are all top-down, command and control ideas”. Unfortunately, the results for us of Ritter’s misguided policies are costly and intrusive.

Perhaps Bill Ritter should listen to an honest scientific debate rather than hobnob with Jimmy Carter and Madeleine Albright.


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    Please report the facts, APS does not dismiss the idea that global warming is a myth, saying that “We must reduce emissions of greenhouse gases beginning now.” The dissenters represent such a small minority it can hardly be called a “debate.”

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