Believe “Nonsense” Against Colorado Amendment 49? “Don’t Be Stupid”

The Rocky Mountain News today provides the most systematic deconstruction of the grossly misleading, multi-million dollar Protect Colorado’s Future campaign against 49:

There’s no obligation for political campaigns to be fair, let alone balanced, but there are times when messages go beyond the pale.

Case in point: the advertising, largely bankrolled by labor unions, to defeat Amendment 49, the “ethical standards” initiative.

  • Muzzle workers and endanger public safety? “In what way? The amendment doesn’t say unions can’t collect dues. It just says government can’t collect dues for them.”
  • Threaten public employees’ paychecks? “Nonsense.”
  • Silence small business? “Bizarre.”
  • Backed by multinational corporations? “What a joke.”

Or as Mike Rosen says about Protect Colorado’s Future, after listening to one of their over-the-top, ridiculous ads on his 850 KOA radio talk show: “They think you’re stupid. Don’t be stupid.”


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