Barack Obama Needs a DNC Bounce, But Poor Planning May Interfere

Barack Obama really, really, really needs a bounce from the Democratic National Convention. First, nationally, as political guru Michael Barone points yesterday had John McCain ahead of Barack Obama by 274 to 264 electoral votes, counting leaners. RCP has Obama carrying just two Bush '04 states, Iowa and New Mexico, with 12 electoral votes. McCain's lead in two other Bush '04 states, Virginia and Colorado, with 20 electoral votes is microscopic, but then so is Obama's lead in New Hampshire, with four electoral votes. Showcasing Jimmy Carter on the opening night of the DNC is not a good way to separate Barack Obama from the obvious comparison with the malaise president or to generate a national bounce. And … [Read more...]

Peoples Press Collective: Grassroots Coverage of the DNC in Denver

For more of the latest coverage of Denver's Democratic National Convention (Mon, Aug. 25 - Thur, Aug. 28), bookmark the Peoples Press Collective (PPC). My boss Jon Caldara explains on his blog:They are a team of Colorado bloggers who will be armed to the teeth with point and shoot cameras, video cameras, and live streaming cell phones to document all the shenanigans, beat downs, hippie love-fests, and wacky protests going down in the streets. Basically anything the mainstream media won’t be around for, they will. Some pretty big time Colorado bloggers like the Rocky Mountain Right, Rossputin, Slapstick Politics, and Drunkablog have already signed on. They’ve got some cool features on their site like a quick 1 minute DNC preview video, a … [Read more...]

State Senate Candidate Libby Szabo Hits Local Airwaves on Energy

My friend Libby Szabo - candidate for State Senate from Arvada, Colorado - is the subject of a new television ad created by the Senate Majority Fund: A "can-do attitude" is one of the truest descriptions of Libby Szabo that I know -- and a real contrast with her opponent's can't-do attitude when it comes to parents who choose homeschooling. … [Read more...]

$7.9 Billion: RTD FasTracks Now Nearly 70 Percent Over Original Cost

The Denver Post reports today that the price tag for Regional Transportation District (RTD)'s taxpayer-funded FasTracks plan has jumped again:The price of the FasTracks rail expansion — if it is to be completed by 2017, as promised to voters — has jumped from $6.1 billion to $7.9 billion, according to officials familiar with RTD's latest analysis of the program. Approved by voters in 2004 for $4.7 billion, estimates later rose to $6.1 billion - a 30 percent increase. Now they have skyrocketed to $7.9 billion, nearly 70 percent higher than original estimates. According to the Post, RTD either has to narrow the scope of the project, delay its implementation, or ask for more tax money:Centennial Mayor Randy Pye, who heads the 37-member … [Read more...]

A Great Point about John McCain’s Vice Presidential Selection

Andrew Boucher, whose claim to fame may be that he is a Colorado conservative with blogging credentials to the Democratic National Convention, made a great point yesterday about the larger significance of John McCain's upcoming selection of a vice-presidential running mate:There aren't many "natural" McCain volunteers. There will be even fewer if he turns off the base with his VP pick. Or, as I put it bluntly in a campaign planning meeting last week: If it's McCain-Ridge, we'll have 25 new GOTV volunteers in Fort Collins. If it's McCain-Romney, we'll have 250. Remember: the Romney team made thousands of grassroots volunteer phone calls in Larimer County for caucus and won with 60 percent. (As a frame of reference, Bush-Cheney … [Read more...]

Hot Air Tour to Highlight Global Warming Debate Comes to Colorado

Watching hot air balloons might never have been so much fun as this: Americans for Prosperity's Hot Air Tour is coming to Colorado, starting tomorrow (Wednesday) morning at Broomfield County Commons Park (13200 Sheridan Blvd). What am I talking about?Climate alarmists have bombarded citizens with apocalyptic scenarios and pressured them into environmental political correctness. It’s time to tell the other side of the story. Americans for Prosperity is working hard to bring you the missing half of the global warming debate. What will the impacts of reactionary legislation be for you, your family and our economy? Be among the first 50 to pre-register online for the Broomfield event tomorrow - or for events later this week in Fort … [Read more...]

AG John Suthers’ Taxpayer-Friendly Brief Unlikely to Sway Political Court

Mike Saccone reports some pleasing but unsurprising news: Attorney General John Suthers has submitted a friendly brief to the Colorado Supreme Court on behalf of the people of the state, and the district court decision that upheld their rights to vote on a tax increase. But Governor Bill Ritter is probably resting easier than he should, knowing that the political High Court has every reason to favor the Democrats who appropriated them money to construct a new courtroom building. Color me cynical, and hope that I am surprised. … [Read more...]

‘Blockers R Us’

I came across a great site that features anti-democratic tactics of Leftist organizations: blocking efforts to collect signatures, frivolous lawsuits, and other threats to free speech. Occasionally highlighted is the efforts of a group called By Any Means Necessary to try to shut down Colorado's Civil Rights Initiative. The radical fraud group ACORN is also regularly featured there. Stay tuned to this site, especially as the election approaches. … [Read more...]

Union Members and Fee Payers Foot Bill for Leaders’ DNC Invesco Suites

From (H/T Mike Antonucci):Seven unions, including the American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association, have stepped in to help pay for the Democratic National Convention in Denver after the host committee announced in June it was $10 million short of its fundraising goals. The host committee, as a private organization, can accept unlimited corporate, union and individual contributions. And while presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama and the Democratic National Committee are refusing contributions from registered lobbyists, the ban doesn't apply to the convention. Mike Antonucci also cites a Los Angeles Times piece that indicates donors can get "stadium skyboxes" to watch the Obamessiah's big … [Read more...]

Barack Obama: Question of Human Life “Above My Pay Grade”

Not only is Barack Obama's record on human life atrocious and frightening, but he seems utterly unable to give a clear, honest, or reasonable answer on the topic: "Above my pay grade"? So the buck stops where? More Americans need to wake up to the hollowness of the Barack Obama candidacy, and to think seriously about what kind of leader they want. Perhaps Barack Obama is genuinely confused about when human life begins and should be protected. After all, in some cases his confusion seems to extend beyond the point of birth (Scott Johnson at Powerline has more). No matter how he tries to dress it up, it's hard to deny that Obama is in the pocket of the abortion absolutist lobby. Meanwhile, one Red State diarist is just thankful … [Read more...]