Sarah Palin Really Captures the Attention of the Colorado Blogosphere

I must say I'm glad I initially had the wrong information about who John McCain's running mate would be. Sarah Palin was the best pick. What's everyone else saying? Well, it's rare to see such unanimous sentiment asserted. Here goes: Steven, the New Conservative, who long has been championing Palin to be McCain's running mate, now says her selection was a "bad idea" ... for the Left Michael at Best Destiny says it's brilliant political Jiu-Jitsu Bob Agard calls the selection of the Alaska Governor "sheer brilliance" Jim at Thinking Right says "Outstanding!" Kenneth Davenport, writing at Backbone America, asserts that the choice is "a political masterstroke" Rocky Mountain Right calls Sarah Palin "an excellent choice" The Denver … [Read more...]

Tim Pawlenty: Quick Thoughts

Update: Looks like I got headfaked, like many others. Pawlenty appears to be out. Speculation is on Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. Kudos to Steve if this is correct. In part he writes about her:Not only is she a woman (which, like it or not, is an issue for some voters), but she also puts a fresh, future-oriented face on the McCain campaign. By upending Alaska's corrupt political class, Palin has actually produced the type of change that Barack Obama can only talk about; and her collar is far bluer than Joe Biden's ever was. Furthermore, she is arguably the only candidate who has the necessary expertise to address the single most pressing issue in this election: gas prices. As Governor of Alaska, Chair of the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact … [Read more...]

Yippee… Barack Obama May Get “Modest” Bounce in Polls from DNC

It's normal for a major national political convention to give its nominee a "bounce" in the polls, so it's too early to reach any conclusions. After all, the Obamessiah has yet to give his rock star speech at Invesco Field, which may cause the knees of middle America to swoon. But so far, Rasmussen's daily tracking poll has yet to pick up on the signs of major Joe(Biden)-mentum. No, wait, that's not fair ... Today's results show "hints of a modest convention bounce building for Barack Obama". Obama broke the tie with John McCain to forge a one-point national lead - still, not that compelling after last week saw the Democrat candidate with a consistent three-to-four point lead. And after three days of fawning media coverage of the … [Read more...]

A Different Kind of DNC “Protest” West of the Downtown Denver Action

So much for all the DNC-related action happening in downtown Denver. On my drive to work this morning I spotted this unmistakable display on Table Mountain between Arvada and Golden, displayed here in a photograph taken by a friend: 9News apparently was on the scene, as well:The Jefferson County Sheriff's Department and Open Space Rangers struck a deal with the protestors allowing them to take a break before hiking back up the mountain and removing the sign. The group behind the sign was not immediately known but roughly 50 anti-abortion protestors are in the area. My friend who took the picture said she was told the sign was constructed from 2,500 bed sheets, and that students from Maranatha Christian Center did the hard work … [Read more...]

Opining on Apathy in Recent State Employee Union Elections

Over at the Denver Daily News, my op-ed on the recent union elections in state government is up. The piece begins:Some pundits and hopeful partisans speculate that our upcoming national election may see less apathy among younger voters. Coloradans might also wonder about the apathy among their state employees.> Forty-nine percent of Americans between 18 and 29 voted in the 2004 national election, a slight rise from previous showings. While at least one candidate has made more appeals to the youth on the bases of "hope" and "change," it's unclear whether the trend will continue. Overshadowed recent news in our own backyard shows even greater voter apathy outside the sphere of electoral politics. When faced this year with deciding on … [Read more...]

Peoples Press Collective Scooping DNC

If you are interested in following events in and around the Democratic National Convention, you should be checking in regularly with the grassroots media coverage of the Peoples Press Collective. A lot of photos and video are up from the weekend's protests, with more exciting coverage to follow today as the DNC actually kicks off. … [Read more...]

Let Joe Biden Speak for Himself

Joe Biden, Barack Obama's vice-presidential nominee, can speak for himself. First, a video put together by Rocky Mountain Right: Second, Joe Biden talking about Barack Obama, via The Next Right: I need to pinch myself again. Obama really picked Biden - er, Cliff Clavin? … [Read more...]

Seriously … Joe Biden?

Update: Another Colorado blogger added to the list below Barack Obama picked Joe Biden as his running mate ... seriously? When I first heard the news late last night, it sounded too good to be true. My first reaction was that Obama must have made the pick from an insecurity about Obama's personal and political weaknesses. Example? There's no way Biden's long-winded, incoherent ramblings could upstage the Obamessiah's cultish appeal at this week's Democratic National Convention. Beyond the DNC, what does Barack Obama have to look forward to in having Joe Biden as a running mate? What do we really know about Biden? Here's a quick rundown from Colorado bloggers: … [Read more...]

Exclusive Video: DNC Scrubs Free Speech from Pepsi Center Sidewalk

Bringing the Democratic National Convention to town means not only cleaning up the homeless off the streets but also cleaning up any vestiges of apparently offensive speech. One of the capable Peoples Press Collective video journalists caught it on video in front of the Pepsi Center today: "Obama, stop abortion!" ... "Stand for life" - All getting washed away. I doubt there will be any debate inside the Pepsi Center about the Democratic Party's abortion platform. Free speech can be a matter of convenience sometimes. … [Read more...]

Sneak Peek at the DNC Podium: Introducing … ObamaTron!

The Denver Post this morning gives a sneak peek of the Democratic National Convention podium inside the Pepsi Center (H/T Complete Colorado). My first reactions to what the podium looks like: An acid trip back to the 1970s (can you imagine Jimmy Carter giving a speech there opening night)? The set of a cheesy Fox TV reality show (Bill Clinton might just fit in onstage)? ... Or how about the movie Tron? Whatever it is, the podium may be another piece of the poor planning that may threaten a Barack Obama post-Convention bounce. Or maybe he can just get bounce from a Lightbike ride... The DNC craziness has just barely begun. Keep up with coverage you won't find anywhere else at the Peoples Press Collective. … [Read more...]