Turn That Thermostat Up: Remedial Education in Bill Ritter’s Climate Plan

From the Examiner:Saving energy may not be so easy after all. A television commercial featuring Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter was meant to show viewers how easy it is to save energy, but it showed Ritter using more, not less. The original, which aired for weeks, showed Ritter turning a thermostat down from 72 degrees to 68. But during the summer, that means the air conditioner would work harder - and use more energy. I would need to see this commercial to believe it. Apparently, some remedial education is needed as part of Gov. Ritter's "Climate Action Plan". Bill Ritter would have known he couldn't turn his thermostat down to 68 if Barack Obama had been on his shoulder: … [Read more...]

Union Leaders Push Economy-Busting Initiatives to Make Election Interesting

Face The State reports that Big Labor interests are about ready to turn in their signatures on four ballot initiatives that would bust Colorado's economy. You know, it's union leaders' way of protesting Amendment 47, aka Right-to-Work, which would prevent the forced collection of union fees from non-members. Setting aside the Presidential race and even the U.S. Senate showdown between Bob Schaffer and Boulder liberal Mark Udall, this may be a very interesting election season in Colorado yet. … [Read more...]

Jeff Crank for Congress

Admittedly I haven't followed the Republican primary in Colorado's 5th Congressional District too closely. But I have paid enough attention to know that Jeff Crank is the candidate most worthy of support. A friend e-mailed me to say that, given the positive effect of my endorsement on Wil Armstrong's candidacy, I also ought to come forward and publicly endorse Jeff Crank, too. Some of the reasons are the same - the need for fresh, outside business experience and leadership in the halls of Congress. But Crank also has a clear and principled stand against earmarks and pork (of the costly government variety), and would stand up for taxpayers not only with his words and his votes, but also with his actions. I am proud to officially … [Read more...]

Time for Ted Stevens To Go

News came yesterday that Alaska Senator Ted Stevens is indicted. If Republicans should have learned anything from the 2006 election, it's to purge the pork and corruption from their ranks. This story reminds us that neither major party has anything approaching a monopoly on sleazy politicians, but also gives the GOP an opportunity to distinguish itself by valuing integrity over seniority. Speaking of seniority, no Republican has served longer. It's time for that tenure to come to an end. At The Next Right, Patrick Ruffini wisely calls for Ted Stevens to step down, but points out he can't do so until after Alaska's August 26 primary. Of course, actual guilt or innocence has yet to be determined in the Stevens case. But politically … [Read more...]

Endorsements Likely Key Factor in Lifting Wil Armstrong into Close Race

I've written very little about the 6th Congressional District primary since my endorsement of Wil Armstrong nearly four months ago. Since then, many prominent Republicans have followed suit with their public endorsements, including Senator Wayne Allard, former Governor Bill Owens, Attorney General John Suthers, former state senate leader Mark Hillman, former Secretary of State Gigi Dennis, and even former Massachusetts governor and possible vice-presidential candidate Mitt Romney. For the longest time, Secretary of State Mike Coffman has been viewed as the prohibitive frontrunner in this four-way race, which also features state senators Ted Harvey and Steve Ward. But then today comes interesting news from the campaign - also reported at … [Read more...]

Majority of Coloradans Don’t Think Bill Ritter is Doing a Terrible Job

The times sure have changed for Gov. Bill Ritter. Back in September 2007, two separate polls placed the governor's approval ratings -- in one case, those who believed he was doing an "excellent" or "good" job -- around 70 percent:Ritter's spokesman said the governor has earned his high approval ratings by taking on renewable energy, transportation, health care and education. "I think the kind of partisan attacks that have come from a few state house Republicans don't resonate, because the issues that people care about are the issues that Gov. Ritter is addressing," Evan Dreyer said. This week, it's Bill Ritter's sinking poll numbers that are in the headlines. From today's Denver Post (including a chance to express your own view in an … [Read more...]

Pollster Floyd Ciruli Rehashes Reasons for Bill Ritter’s Sinking Popularity

In today's Rocky Mountain News, Colorado Democrat pollster Floyd Ciruli takes a cold, analytical look at Gov. Bill Ritter's approval ratings -- boiled down, the picture isn't pretty for the potential one-term governor:Surprisingly, new Democratic Gov. Bill Ritter may be in trouble. When compared with his Montana counterpart, Gov. Brian Schweitzer, in recent Rasmussen polls, Ritter's job rating lags behind Schweitzer by 19 points. Only 45 percent of Colorado voters gave Ritter an excellent or good job rating, whereas 64 percent of Montanans rated Schweitzer as doing an excellent or good job. Floyd Ciruli cites a litany of reasons for Bill Ritter's sagging popularity, reasons that have been regular themes of this and other local new media … [Read more...]

Denver Gives Democrat Officials Tax Exemption, Risks Public Resentment

A few days ago I had a conversation with some non-political family members about the pains of hosting a national political convention. One of them lives in the Twin Cities. The rest of us live in and around Denver. Doubtless this means some inconveniences and annoyances for denizens, regardless of whether it's the Republicans or Democrats coming to your town. But the Denver Post today reports a small outrage I hadn't even considered before (H/T Slapstick Politics):Several Denver City Council members are questioning why the Democratic National Convention Committee has a contract with the city to fill up their fleet of vehicles with tax-free fuel. The $466,000 contract, only $9,700 of which has been paid so far by the DNCC officials, … [Read more...]