Ron Paul Supporters Numerous Among National Delegate Candidates

From the GOP Convention in Broomfield... Balloting is ongoing from state delegates. One of the things they are deciding on is the slate of delegates to the Republican National Convention in the Twin Cities. There is a list of nearly 400 candidates for national delegate in the Colorado Statesman along with their Presidential preference. About 40 percent have no preference listed - nearly the same amount (155) are pledged to John McCain. Poised to wreak havoc are 74 Ron Paul supporters, followed by a handful each listed for Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee. State conventions can be strange things, though this is a particularly strange year. On a different note, Sen. Shawn Mitchell just compared Bill Ritter to Jimmy Carter ... ouch. … [Read more...]

Mark Hillman for National Committeeman

Mark Hillman is speaking from the podium right now, articulating so well his deep-abiding principles of limited government and personal freedom. He has a lot of Republican heavy hitters behind him, and appears to be the favorite over Leondray Gholston (who also gave a strong, inspiring speech) and Sen. Dave Schultheis (who is about to make his appearance). My earlier endorsement of Mark Hillman is here. … [Read more...]

Seven Signs This Isn’t the 2004 Republican State Convention

From the GOP Convention in Broomfield... 1. Bill Owens seconded the nomination of Bob Schaffer for U.S. Senate. 2. The event is running on time. Amen! 3. The George W. Bush video on the big screen was dead-time filler, and almost no one was paying attention. 4. No signs that any cases of sunburn or heat stroke are imminent. 5. The name Barack Obama not only means something to attendees, it serves as the primary foil for many of the speechmakers on the stump. 6. I received a flyer advertising a Bob Schaffer fundraiser sponsored by Pete Coors. 7. Bloggers are given seats (and Wi-Fi) at the Convention press table. … [Read more...]

Wayne Allard Honored, Tom Tancredo Gives Red Meat to GOP Faithful

From the GOP Convention in Broomfield... After Dick Wadhams' opening remarks, the unity theme kicked off with a video tribute to retiring U.S. Senator Wayne Allard, followed by words from Allard's wife Joan and Senator Allard himself. If the crowd was slowly coming to life before, retiring Rep. Tom Tancredo's soundbite speech - which strikes themes of energy independence, secure borders (the mere mention of "Cory Voorhis" electrifies the crowd), and American greatness, with several quips about Barack Obama thrown in for good measure - gets the energy rising. On a down note, turnout at the GOP Convention is not exactly stellar (but a quorum has been achieved). More to come, as I need to get my alternate credentials updated to … [Read more...]

Legal Victory for Taxpayers a Resounding Theme for Colorado GOP

From the GOP Convention in Broomfield... The Rocky Mountain News reports on yesterday's taxpayer victory in the courtroom:A law expected to raise $1.7 billion for Colorado schools over the next 11 years is unconstitutional because it gives the state more tax revenue without required approval from voters, a judge ruled Friday. Latest estimates are actually $3.8 billion, not $1.7 billion, but the news is good just the same. In his introductory remarks, state party chair Dick Wadhams' mention of the court ruling against Gov. Bill Ritter's tax hike earned perhaps the biggest applause from the Republican faithful gathered here at the Broomfield Event Center. If you don't think this is going to be a major GOP campaign theme heading into … [Read more...]

Blogging the GOP Convention

FYI to readers: I will be blogging from the proceedings at tomorrow's Colorado Republican State Convention in Broomfield. Among other activities, the GOP will nominate Bob Schaffer as the candidate for U.S. Senate, adopt a state platform, and entertain a guest speech from former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. Other confirmed bloggers: Slapstick Politics and Night Twister. Stay tuned. … [Read more...]

Sign the Petition to Tell Congress to Increase Domestic Energy Production

Conservatives have been behind the curve on mobilizing activism on the Net, but as Patrick Ruffini points out at The Next Right, there's a new opportunity to change the trend. I invite you to add your name to Newt Gingrich's petition to increase domestic energy production - at "Drill Here. Drill Now. Pay Less." It's a commonsense issue that is catching like wildfire. Sign the petition and spread the word. … [Read more...]

Rogue Denver Teacher Bloggers: Is It The Beginning of Something New?

Nowhere in Colorado is rank-and-file teacher dissent with the union so apparent as in the heart of Denver - for a multitude of reasons that cannot begin to be explored in this brief post. But an increasingly strained contract debate with the school board (Barack Obama alluded to it in his speech yesterday) - after the board offered a substantial raise as part of a progressive compensation system. Now a new splinter teachers group with an online presence has emerged in Denver (H/T Alan Gottlieb). It would be great to see these teachers continue posting on the blog they started. Interestingly, the local union president hasn't posted anything to her blog since this splinter group has emerged. The National Education Association, to which … [Read more...]