Scandal Alert: Disturbing Allegations about State Lawmaker

Face the State was first to report it:Assistant House Majority Leader Mike Garcia, D-Aurora, is facing accusations that he exposed himself to a female lobbyist while making lewd comments after a political fundraiser earlier this month. Quickly followed by the Denver Post:A lobbyist is accusing House Assistant Majority Leader Michael Garcia of exposing himself to her and making lewd comments at a bar. Garcia did not return calls seeking comment, and House Speaker Andrew Romanoff refused to answer questions today about the allegations. The allegations are disturbing. Politically speaking then, the responsible approach would be for Rep. Garcia to refute them quickly, firmly, and clearly, or to resign both from his leadership position … [Read more...]

Carroll: Colorado Judges Rebuff School Funding Lawsuit

In his column today, the Rocky Mountain News' Vince Carroll opines about a little-noticed state court decision (the Lobato case) that slapped down those who believe unelected judges should dictate school finance policy:Colorado's education establishment has spent the past three years sneering at democracy, trying to persuade the courts to take on a role that the state constitution assigns to the legislature. Last week they were rebuffed for the second time. Will they finally get the message? Will they accept the fact that the constitutional guarantee of a "thorough and uniform system of free public schools throughout the state" is not a reasonable excuse for the courts to usurp the power of the legislature and dictate the level of … [Read more...]

John McCain?

Sen. John McCain wins Florida and all 57 of its delegates - well, congratulations then. Rudy to drop out and endorse McCain? Conservatives should feel used. Though one of Rudy's biggest supporters, Patrick Ruffini, makes a compelling case for Republicans to get on board with Romney:When it comes to the electability question, don’t focus on horserace numbers. Focus on the fundamentals. After weeks of fawning coverage, and weeks of seeing the press swooning for Obama and beating down Clinton, John McCain is no better than tied against Hillary. When it was last Clinton vs. McCain as the frontrunners, he ran worse than Giuliani and was seen as less dynamic. I expect that with either Romney or McCain, the race would settle into a 3-6 point … [Read more...]

Florida Forecast

Based on my track record for predicting primary/caucus results this year, I don't think anyone wants the jinx of being predicted a winner of today's Florida primary. But here goes anyway: Romney ... 33% McCain ... 31% Giuliani ... 17% Huckabee ... 14% Paul ... 5% Romney builds his delegate count lead, gains an edge in the momentum, and further coalesces the conservative coalition in his favor heading into Super Tuesday. McCain continues to lead in some of the February 5 primary states, but his advantage slips in many polls. Giuliani hangs around, but sees his supporters slip away more-or-less evenly to the two frontrunners. Huckabee can only count on picking up some spare Southern state delegates and hope to have a little sway at … [Read more...]

Where’s the Commonsense Energy Agenda?

On his blog, former state senate leader Mark Hillman lays out the illogical and harmful energy policy coming from the Democrat Congress in Washington, including this hard-hitting morsel:Congress is so sanctimonious that they would rather we pay billions more to Hugo Chavez and the Saudis than to sensibly and strategically drill in a frozen swamp less than one-tenth the size of Denver International Airport. Washington also struck out on promoting the most practical, reliable source of clean energy – nuclear power. So when it comes to nuclear power, what are we waiting for? … [Read more...]

Teachers Union Shows Colors against School Reform, Own Members

More appearing on the Net today regarding the Denver teachers union clamping down on a struggling school's quest for freedom - David Harsanyi's opinion piece for the Denver Post sees it as a "lesson in union power": Educational reform, union leaders often tell us, is the purview of teachers and administrators, not politicians. Teachers are the ones, the union says, who understand the special needs of students, parents and the unique neighborhoods they operate within. That's why listening to union president Kim Ursetta defending the DCTA's decision was an excruciating experience for all. Her answers were illogical and her position untenable. Let's keep in mind that a majority of Bruce Randolph teachers signed off on the school's … [Read more...]

NY Times for McCain, Republicans for Romney

The New York Times endorsed John McCain for the Republican nomination:In 2006, however, Mr. McCain stood up for the humane treatment of prisoners and for a ban on torture. We said then that he was being conned by Mr. Bush, who had no intention of following the rules. But Mr. McCain took a stand, just as he did in recognizing the threat of global warming early. He has been a staunch advocate of campaign finance reform, working with Senator Russ Feingold, among the most liberal of Democrats, on groundbreaking legislation, just as he worked with Senator Edward Kennedy on immigration reform. Why not just hang a lead weight around the McCain campaign? Well, say no more. The Old Gray Lady is for the "maverick" Arizona Senator, which gives … [Read more...]

Dems’ “No-Strike” Bait-and-Switch a Boon to Ritter

The Democrats at the State Capitol are trying to pull one over on Colorado voters in an attempt to give cover to Gov. Bill Ritter's executive order that provides for the unionization of state employees. Startled by the Attorney General's revelation that his order could not prevent strikes, Ritter quickly and publicly agreed to support the concept of a no-strike law in the state legislature brought forward by Republicans. Well, today we receive word of a bait-and-switch. After killing a bill sponsored by Rep. Bob Gardner, R-Colorado Springs, that would provide real enforceable penalties that deter public employee strikes, the Democrats went ahead and gave mere lip service to public order and accountability:[The House Business and Labor … [Read more...]

Time to Find That New Public School

Guest writers for the Rocky Mountain News have reminded us that now is the time for students & parents in Denver - and many other Colorado school districts - to get into the open enrollment game if you're looking for another public school for next year. What the writers didn't tell you - likely because they aren't aware of it - is that the School Choice for Kids website is the one-stop shop for Colorado families to find a school and navigate through open enrollment (more information here, too). Go check it out! … [Read more...]

Help Falcon Find a Parent-Friendly, Visionary Education Leader

Looking for a quick way to make your voice heard on the importance of public education reform? Falcon School District 49 is a fast-growing district in El Paso County, a district where more creative choices and options could help make a big difference for families. As its board searches for a new superintendent, Falcon is conducting a survey of what characteristics their new leader should have. There's a few reasons why you should take the few minutes to participate, answer as many questions as you can, and let them know why non-traditional experience and outside-the-box visionary thinking is to be preferred to traditional establishment credentials that offer less chance to bring real reform: 1. If you live in Falcon 49, you will be … [Read more...]