Yes, It’s Time to Sue: Arrogant Tax Hike Leaves Little Choice

This development, reported today in the Rocky Mountain News, was a matter of inevitability. (Disclosure: As an Independence Institute employee, I knew the story was coming. Even if I weren’t, I would be convinced the course of action was necessary, but a result of regrettable circumstances.) Yes, the time has come to sue.

Even Governor Bill Ritter and the Democrats who arrogantly violated the state constitution and foisted the property tax increase on the people of Colorado had to know they’d be facing legal action. Of course, when liberal officials want to enact liberal policies in Colorado, they gladly prefer to face the courts rather than the people. As The Colorado Index frequently reminds us, the legal system works for Democratic interests.

My guess is the Dems didn’t want to face the people because they had a good clue that voters would reject the tax increase. The more they learn about the bill, soon to be signed by Ritter – such as, the money raised in the name of “the children” has no guarantee of going to fund schools or that the initial 10-year tax revenue increase projections of $1.74 billion figure to be low – the less they will like it. (On a side note, I’m sure they’re not too fond every time bloggers like me remind you about the inconvenient facts.)

Colorado taxpayers, don’t be overcome by anger. Just remember what happens when the Democrat Party is the majority at the State Capitol, learn what you can do to change that fact, and be prepared to take action in 2008.

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